Sewage Cleanup Service

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Dangers of Sewage Spills

Sewage is harmful as it can cause diseases such as Hepatitis A, Occupational Asthma, Allergic Alveolitis, Weil’s disease, Gastroenteritis, and others. These diseases create serious health issues which may possibly lead to death. 

It is advisable to leave this task to professionals. There is no need to expose your life to risk when you can let professionals do it for you instead. 

Our experts offer restoration services like water damage restoration, water removal, fire damage restoration, sewage cleanup, and more.

Unless one has borne pathogen exercise with the correct personal protective clothing required under borne pathogen instructions to be used, it is not recommended to clean up sewage yourself at all. Instead, call the pros to do it for you by dialing (775) 204-4340. 

(775) 204-4340

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Why Hire Professionals for Sewage Cleanup

Protective clothing doesn’t guarantee you won’t catch sewage diseases but trained personnel working for you 24/7 until every last drop of wastewater is cleaned up does! In fact, protective clothing isn’t even enough to DIY. You’d need:

  • Facial protection- An organic filter inhaler with a face protection mask.
  • A uniform worn to prevent any possibilities of sewage getting on attires while cleaning. Disposable protective clothing is common among sewage cleanup specialists. The uniform protects to some extent but not in 100% of cases as the clothing can get torn apart from time to time. The uniform should have a covering to protect from over-spraying during the job.
  • Rubber boots covering the knee. The boots should have steel cover to protect when walking into sewage.
  • Also, gloves that extend beyond your elbows for hand protection.

So, do you have all of this equipment? Likely not. But our experts do. So stop playing a hero and call a professional sewage cleanup company to come in and take care of the issue for you without any leftovers.

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